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What Is Food Cost?

What Is Food Cost? Food Cost = A percent of sales that determines how much money we make or lose on what we sell. To be a little more precise, actual food cost breaks down adding your beginning inventory and purchases together then subtracting them from your ending inventory. Once you have this actual food […]

10 Ways To Create A Profitable Food Cost

10 Ways To Create A Profitable Food Cost Bar and nightclub operations are typically focused on their beer, wine and liquor sales. However, putting together a profitable food menu for your operation is a key element in boosting the bottom line and keeping your guests for an average of 53 minutes longer. Here are 10 […]

How Are You Dealing With Food Cost?

How Are You Dealing With Food Cost? Bar and nightclub operators typically focus on their liquor costs and sales; however food costs and sales are also an important aspect of running a profitably operation.  Here two key industry players provide insight on three very important questions. Walter Staib is the Chef Proprietor at City Tavern […]

9 Tips for Running a Restaurant

Chef Duffy’s Tips for Success Hold pre-shift meetings: Duffy said he holds meetings before every shift so the staff knows exactly what’s going on for the day/night. They’re aware of what the specials are, what’s in them, how they’re cooked, and how they should be served. Sometimes, he said, it can be fun to announce […]

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